The first time I entered Lenawee county was via a train ride with the Southern Michigan Railroad from Clinton to Tecumseh on a summer day in 2011. My youngest son was a Thomas the train fan and we were looking for a fun activity.

When the train stopped, I discovered a great small downtown areas reminiscent of the streets of Plymouth or Northville. The Dog House had our food served quickly along with ice cream for dessert. I was also impressed by the Doll Cottage and found a great Thomas set for my son there.

So many years later, when my husband said Tecumseh was an area he would be interested in, I was brought back to this day and this day. In Fall of 2014, we became residents of Tecumseh.


November Chewy Box

My November Chewy Box selection was a food selection that both my dogs could enjoy. I picked Signature dog food cans. I was immediately impressed at the ingredient list being so easy to read and sounding delicious. With Thanksgiving coming up, the flavor I chose was turkey.

So what did my dogs think of it? They absolutely loved it.

Thanks Chewy for the wonderful product and Signature for making such wholesome natural food for my fur babies. @chewy @chewyinfluencer #chewyinfluencer #signaturedogfood

Finding Inspiration Daily

Somedays it seems harder than most. Overall for me and it seems to be felt by a lot of others, today was one of those where you just shake your head in disbelief at the events of the day or the week. Whether its on a personal front, with friends, health issues, relationships, work or even just doing life, it can be so hard. Its our nature to want things going right or being in control, but it may not be what God wants for us. In the meme this person is grateful the ducks are in the same pond. But maybe they aren’t that day, that month, that season. So what are we to do?

Blast some music, your favorite genre. Phone a friend, catch up on a favorite show, work out, read a book, spend time with a pet, find a devotional or a scripture that calls to you and go forward. Even if its baby steps, keep moving. If you mess up, own it and keep trying.

I have been wanting so hard to wallow in my circumstances where my plans and what I wanted to occur just aren’t happening. The more I tried to fight it, the more exhausted I became and nothing changed.

So today, and going forward, I keep trusting, keep believing and hold faith that this will all make sense one day. Today it just doesn’t. Until that day when my ducks are in the same pond and maybe even in a row.

My son’s first Stitch fix box

I’ve been getting Stitch Fix boxes occasionally for a few years and thought I would use one for back to school new clothes. I answered questions about him, his activities and asked for things to help him feel confident going in the 7th grade. It was a great box reasonably priced at $140 for all 10 items but since a few were duplicates or similar colors, I only kept a few.

The box was a bright color with stickers inside and a bright yellow wrap. The note was extremely personalized and Kim did a great job. If I didn’t have a decent amount of clothes for him, I can see keeping them all. Although he wasn’t a fan of modeling originally, by the end he got his confidence.

I really liked the Diamond Jack Hoodie but being French terry I felt it was more spring like-returned

Tailor Vintage Graphic tee too similar to what in stores-returned

Sovereign Code Pullover slightly too small felt like sizing up would be too big-returned

Tailor vintage Reversible Hoodie-kept my son’s favorite

Tailor Vintage Thermal-return, have something similar

Tailor Vintage Stripe tee- kept, like the color

Lazer Denim-returned lots of jeans

Level 10 top- returned, didnt like the color

DL1961 pants- returned, have similar item

Tailor Vintage pant- love but have similar item

Take a chance open an account, answer some questions and have some fun. Styling fee is $20 and is applied to your purchase. Go on the app or stitchfix.com or use my referrral link https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/christineblair?sod=a&som=c

Thanks @stitchfix #stitchfixkids Tailorvintage.com Sovereigncode.com DL1961Denim

Diamond Jack Edgar Long Sleeve French Terry Pullover Hoodie

With Lazer Fleix Ultra Flex 5 pocket Denim

With the Tailor Vintage Pants
Tailor Vintage Franklin Short Sleeve Rugby Stripe Tee
Sovereign Code Bryson Raglan Crew Neck Pullover with Tailor Vintage Sean Double Knit 5 pocket pant
Tailor Vintage Gerard Reversible Long Sleeve Hoodie with the Tailor Vintage jeans
Tailor Vintage Sean Double Knit 5 pocket pant with Tailor Vintage Jeans
Tailor Vintage David Raglan Dorrito Long Sleeve Graphic tee with DL1961 Brady D 1961 Slim leg knit pant
Tailor Vintage Dean Long Sleeve Thermal Henley Solid with DL1961 pants
Level 10 Langston Roll Rab Collared Woven Shirt with DL 1961 pants

Purina Pro Plan October Review

Oops life happens, my September Chewy email went to so I didn’t get a chance to review any products.

My dogs get bored with their food especially my 10 yr old Golden Retriever so I thought I would pick a food product to review. They love this food and devour it quickly. But who wouldn’t want to eat it with shredded chicken pieces and delicious smell.

Thanks @chewy @purinaproplan @purina for this amazing product

Blue Buffalo August chewy review

For my August Chewy box, I picked a treat for my younger dog. Being a young puppy, he likes to chew. So my choice was Blue Buffalo’s Pepperoni treats. They are a great product and smell incredible even before they are opened. Once open, my puppy really loves them and they are a fun treat that helps him also.

Thanks Chewy and Blue Buffalo for another great product. @BlueBuffalo @chewyinfluencer #chewyinfluencer