The first time I entered Lenawee county was via a train ride with the Southern Michigan Railroad from Clinton to Tecumseh on a summer day in 2011. My youngest son was a Thomas the train fan and we were looking for a fun activity.

When the train stopped, I discovered a great small downtown areas reminiscent of the streets of Plymouth or Northville. The Dog House had our food served quickly along with ice cream for dessert. I was also impressed by the Doll Cottage and found a great Thomas set for my son there.

So many years later, when my husband said Tecumseh was an area he would be interested in, I was brought back to this day and this day. In Fall of 2014, we became residents of Tecumseh.


Blue Buffalo August chewy review

For my August Chewy box, I picked a treat for my younger dog. Being a young puppy, he likes to chew. So my choice was Blue Buffalo’s Pepperoni treats. They are a great product and smell incredible even before they are opened. Once open, my puppy really loves them and they are a fun treat that helps him also.

Thanks Chewy and Blue Buffalo for another great product. @BlueBuffalo @chewyinfluencer #chewyinfluencer

Instinct raw food review

I got my August selections and decided to try a new item for my older dog. On the package there was a warning that large breed puppies aren’t supposed to eat raw, I chose another treat for him. That will follow in its own review.

I picked Instinct’s raw Natural Beef Recipe bites which came packed nicely in dry ice. My older dog absolutely loves this which I use as a supplement to his dry food. For me personally to serve them, I keep them colder.

Thanks Chewy for another amazing box. @chewyinfluencer #chewyinfluencer @Instinctpetfood

Chewy July box

Disclaimer I received this product at a free or reduced cost for my review.

This month, I got a box from Chewy and like always my dogs were super excited when it arrived. And in honor of July 4th I got the Blue Buffalo Holiday Red White and Blue bars. These are adorable shapes liked flags and with great quality grains and ingredients. I feel good giving my dogs these fun healthy treats.

I also picked a Health extension large elk antler as my other item. My 4 1/2 month old puppy and my 9 year old dog are big chewers so this was a good thing for them. They loved it and its small enough that I don’t worry as much about tooth damage compared to larger antlers or horns. The smaller size allows them to carry it around also. Again thanks chewy for a great box and allowing my fur family members to be pampered.

Polesem straw beach hat review

Disclaimer I received this product at a free or reduced cost for my review.

I always have been a fan of hats but they don’t always look good on me. As a child, me and my grandma would try on hats which were mostly hers and a lot of times we would model them around the house. If we were feeling silly, we would stack them all up on on top of each other. It’s fun trying them on especially if they’re silly or goofy. I have a few that are my faves. A rhinestone studded baseball cap has me my go to hat for years at the beach. But finding a beach or summer hat has been a challenge. A friend found the cutest beach hat recently. So I thought I would try this one out. It looked cute in pictures and I like the bow in the back.

So what did I think of it when it arrived. I like it from the back with the bow but I think it is a bit small for my head shape and doesn’t flatter me as much as I would like. I do like that it has an elastic strap in case of windy days. Last year at a local beach with my family, this would have come in handy.I think a big floppy hat in a brighter color would be a little more my style also. I can utilize this hat while gardening or reading a book and go on search of a colorful floppy hat for the beach.

Get yours here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D9FJGQH/130-7106483-5324958?ie=UTF8&keywords=Beach%20hat&qid=1530120095&ref_=sr_1_6&sr=1-6

Charly Lifestyle kimono review


I received this product at a free or reduced cost for my review

I like warm weather and warm temperatures.But living in Michigan, we don’t get as much as I would like. I’m always looking for something new and different to accent my wardrobe and tend to go with what is true to myself despite the trends. Last year, I discovered kimonos. They can be used to wear as a beach coverup, for a splash of color with shorts and a tank or over a maxi dress or sundress. They are flowy and fun and fit with my style. They have many different patterns,colors and varied lengths.

I got a chance to review this kimono which has a similar pattern to a skirt I have in my closet. Not that I would wear them together, but it’s a fun print. This is a different fit to some of my other kimonos but still a great addition to my wardrobe. It runs a bit small (similar to Asian sizing) so it fits like an overlay rather than having enough material to wrap around as some of my other kimonos do.

I really liked this kimono.It is very comfortable and light and goes with a number of colors and after taking these photos, I wore it the next day.

Check it out here https://charlylifestyle.com/collections/frontpage/products/3-4-sleeve-loose-kimono-beach-cardigans

Obliviscar mini binoculars review


I received this product at a free or reduced cost for my honest review

I have always liked binoculars especially when wanting to see things that were far away. My dad had a pair that were quite bulky but were always amazed by them. We would ask to use them and they went with us to see the local fireworks and on trips to check out things. So getting a chance to review mini binoculars was a great thing for me.

I’ve been to air shows, concerts and on vacation spots where I wanted a better view. Even in the observation of nature, zoo animals, and vacation these would be good. Since I got these, I’ve used these to observe falcons, birds and other critters where I live. My 11 year old son also has enjoyed these and asks daily to look at the local wildlife and even people on the golf course nearby to hone our skills. I look forward to taking them on upcoming trips and now I think all the details I could have seen when climbing 108 steps of a historic lighthouse last summer.

I can also see these useful for theatre, concerts and sporting events. I imagine the details of the Aladdin show I went to last month especially the wonderful intricate costumes.

Thanks Obliviscar for these, they will be very useful for many years to come.


June chewy box review

Disclaimer I received these products at a free or reduced cost for my honest review

The chewy box is a big hit in this house, it’s almost like my dogs know it’s theirs. And being a dog owner, I enjoy giving them opportunities to trial out great products and possibly add some new favorites to the household. With the flexibility and convenience of ordering online and home delivery, it helps those on different shifts such as my family. Home delivery is also convenient for busy parents of children in sports, those that travel for their job and also those that have weight restrictions whether it is recovering from surgery, old age, or dealing with a chronic illness or disease.

Monthly, I’m able to choose two products from the newsletter. I have dogs but this program has products for cats,birds,small pets and even reptiles.
I chose Nutro brand crunchy treats with carrot flavor. My puppy grew up on Nutro products and I was told that these were a favorite of his before he came to us to live and you can see from the pictures he is very eager to dive into them and fully enjoyed eating them once they were open. As a pet parent, I can feel good about buying them as the bag states they are 100% natural. I checked the ingredients and they are easy to read. The 10 oz bag is what I was able to choose from.

My next product was Grain Free Pure petite Small Breed Salmon formula by Canidae. I received the 3 lb bag. And from my pictures, you can tell I have a larger breed dog that is where my “puppy brain” comes into play. But being a puppy and a growing one at that, he didn’t seem to mind that I make a wrong choice. He wanted to open it and dig into it just the same. I liked that this brand was easy to read also because on top of 5 basic ingredients, it has minerals,vitamins and probiotics.

Again my household would like to thank Chewy and the Influencer program for this opportunity to check out new products and look forward to many to come.

And from Buddy and Angus, keep the flavors and good smells coming.